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Version: 3.2.0 for Android

Updated: 2021-01-25

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Apk version3.2.0
Apk size53.1 MB
File namecom.dodreams.driveahead-v3.2.0.apk
Support AndroidAndroid 4.4+ (KitKat) and later
CategoryFree Android Racing Games
Apk packagecom.dodreams.driveahead
Author's NotesIt's a gladiator car fight!

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What's new in Drive Ahead! 3.2.0

During the holiday season we’ve been once again greasing the brakes and waxing the hood for a polished ride ahead!

Gigantic Metal OX enters the Arenas. Champion this Bull of Steel event to collect precious reward cars and coins!

Players collected so many cars, had to add sorting. Have a sneak peek of cars that you are dreaming about

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We provide Drive Ahead! apk 3.2.0 file for Android 4.4+ (KitKat) and later, as well as other devices such as Windows devices, Mac, BlackBerry, Kindle, ... Drive Ahead! is a free Android racing games, and has been developed by Dodreams Ltd..

Drive Ahead! 3.2.0 is newest and latest version for Drive Ahead! apk. It's easy to download and install to your Android devices (as well as other devices). On this page you can find Drive Ahead! apk detail and permissions and click download apk button to direct download Drive Ahead! apk.

Older versions of Drive Ahead! apk also available with us: 3.1.3, 3.1.1, 3.1.0, 3.0.8, 3.0.7, 3.0.6, 3.0.5, 3.0.4, 3.0.3, 3.0.2, 3.0.1, 3.0.0, 2.5.1, 2.5.0, 2.4.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.0, 2.3.1, 2.3.0, 2.2.2, 2.2.1, 2.2.0, 2.1.12, 2.1.7.

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App description

Watch your head in this gladiator car fight!

Battle with off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, tanks, stunt cars and more. Collect over 300 cars to advance in increasingly dangerous battle arenas. Build your car battle team, level-up and power-up to face "Rift Riders Bosses" © out of this world. Time to grab the wheel and become a master car gladiator!

Play Drive Ahead! in multiple game modes:

- The Battle Arena is THE place where undisputed champions are made!
- Challenge friends in quick-fire multiplayer fights or intense co-op challenges!
- Enter the Rift Riders universe to unlock powerful and exclusive rides!
- Explore exotic Mission Stadiums for amazing rewards, while avoiding hazards like robots and aliens!!
- How long can you reign in King of the Hill before you go kaboom?

Hundreds of pixel cars and levels bring endless hours of helmet-crashing two-player racing action with freak accidents! Just be careful not to wreck yourself!


Dodreams Ltd. is also the creator of the multiplayer hit game Drive Ahead! Sports. We would love to hear your feedback. You can email us at driveahead [at] dodreams [dot] com or follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DriveAheadGame). Here is our Privacy Policy: http://dodreams.com/pdf/dodreams_policy.pdf.

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App reviews

App rating: 4.2/5 based on 1406681 reviews

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This game used to define my childhood however now as a returning player I'm absolutely disgusted at the state of the game, when playing missions you get an insane amount of "commercial breaks", you could have just started the mission died and then a "commercial break" would appear. I'm perfectly fine with all the new stuff being added but the way things are being advertised on this game is horrible. This game was not what it once used to be, hope the devs can resolve this.

This game used to be fun 2 or 3 years ago. Now there's health and weird stuff. Also, I had an old account and then updated this app, and all of my legendary cars disappeared. What the hell! There's too many commercial "breaks" and some of the bots are better than the actual players. Its still ok but please make some changes.

Another great game ruined by ads, pay2win style and countless bugs and glitches. Definitely not the great game you enjoyed a few years ago. Can't recommend playing this as a returning player. Try your luck if you're new to the game but don't get fooled by the 5 star reviews which come from a completely different time, when the game was one of the best in the appstore

The older version was so much better now the game is just really differnt The thing I don't like about the new version is that there's a trophy kind of thing and now you have a heath bar. The older version was just more simple. And I read my comment and I released I was really rude . So I made some changes to it . I was pissed off at the time . Sorry for the trubles

This game is ruined by ads, seriously they pop up everytime when i win or lose. Also multiplier/PVP is completely ruined, back in the day it was simple and fun, but now it's just clash royale with cars, also when i play multiplier/PVP there's always some kind of "special match" for example, the soccer match or the ice map match, and suprise suprise, they all suck, they don't need to be in the game they're just unnecessary, especially the soccer one which is basicly based on luck.

NOT THE GAME YOU REMEMBER Once again another classic game ruined by in app purchases, ads, and glitches. Most of the original game has been removed or tweaked favoring an online only progression system. Gone are the days of getting legendary vehicles without spending up to $50 or hundreds of hours of grinding. The game is now pay to win with tons of deals shoved in your face and an online mode that favors people who payed for cars. I'd rather pay for the classic version than play this disaster!

Great fun game to kill time. Would give it 5 star except the multi-player match up is garbage. Also when you get a car to rank 11, the trophies you get from winning greatly decreases and the trophies lost increases. I now get 2 or 3 trophies from winning, but lose up to 30 from losing, which makes it hard to advance and decreases the amount of fun the game could potentially have. Other than that though its a pretty good game.

I've played the game since it first came out and really enjoyed it had everything but now is it went pvp it's just not as fun the rank rewards are horrible 14000 trophies for a car you could easily get back in the day. The match making system also needs work because you can face people with 3000 more trophies than you and to top it off it is completely pay to win. The only thing that you can really do is rift riders or the multi player.

I was and am a big fan of this game back in like 2015 and came back to check it and have several questions like, Why did they changed the gameplay so much, like why doesn't one hit kill you, why are some of the cars hitboxes so glitchy now, why did they removed 2 player mode, why did they change the way to collect cars and skins. Hope they at least add a mode that is a one hit ko 5 rounds with only one car like the old one, also most of the new maps are like the old ones with diferrent skins.

The game is great, I just started playing this game again after a year or so and it seems to be doing just as well. My reason for not giving 5 stars is because the game drains your battery, even with battery saver, my brightness lowered, and a charger plugged in i am still losing battery. If the battery issue could be fixed i would have 0 problems with the game.

I played this game when it came out and had virtually all the cars. Completed every mission. Recently came back to the game and it is awful the leveling in ranked means that you can hit them 10 times and then lose cause because it goes to sudden death and you have less health. This game was good but has now been ruined by greed as it is very clearly pay to win. Very disappointing as it was one of my favourite games before it was ruined.

I don't understand what the problem is, I find this game enjoyable even though I got the old version when it first got out. I think this is a great game changer which really shakes things up and brings many new elements to the table, my only request is that to appeal to the unhappy, just put the old version into a new game, or add a separate mode. But other then that I understand microstransactions because this game strives to have a criminally low amount of ads so it's understandable.

This game is really fun, the only problem is that it is an offline game where you play against AI's, where the creators of this game make it so you need wifi. It is very annoying because when I want to play offline, I cant. There is an offline mode, but the AI's are so bad they kill themselves. The game itself is fun, but i cant enjoy needing to have wifi to play against robots. Please fix this now.

I loved this game but the recent update really killed the game for me the hardcore missions are literally impossible to complete with the new trees physics the trophy system rewards you little for win and punishes you heavily for losses the enemies in rift riders don't kill each other and little to no new content every update I'm really disappointed in this game it had alot of potential but it is wasted by lazy developers and sadly the community is dead so it can't stand up against the developer

Ok so most phone games aren't worth a plug nickel, but the OLD version of this game was awesome. I'm giving the new one a 4 because everything about it rocks, but the health bars make things take too long. Just go with one-hit kills. It would be way better.

Installation instructions

Instructions for installing Drive Ahead! apk from your Android device, as well as other devices

Download Drive Ahead! apk from this page, then follow these steps:

Update your device settings

  • Go to your device settings page
  • Tap Security or Applications (varies with device)
  • Check the Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK

Go to Downloads

  • Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or Files
  • Tap the APK file you downloaded (com.dodreams.driveahead-v3.2.0.apk)
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

Enjoy! If there are any problems, please let us know.

App permissions

Drive Ahead! 3.2.0 apk requires following permissions on your device.

Allows applications to open network sockets.

Allows applications to access information about networks.

Allows applications to enter Wi-Fi Multicast mode.

Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

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