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Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend Apk

Version: 24.0502.01 for Android

Updated: 2024-04-16

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Apk version24.0502.01
Apk size111.4 MB
Support AndroidAndroid 5.1+ (Lollipop) and later
CategoryFree Android Puzzle Games
Apk packagecom.bitmango.go.bubblepop

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What's new in Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend 24.0502.01

24.0402.01 Update Note:
Bug fixes and Performance improvements
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We provide Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend apk 24.0502.01 file for Android 5.1+ (Lollipop) and later, as well as other devices such as Windows devices, Mac, BlackBerry, Kindle, ... Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend is a free Android puzzle games, and has been developed by BitMango.

Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend 24.0502.01 is newest and latest version for Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend apk. It's easy to download and install to your Android devices (as well as other devices). On this page you can find Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend apk detail and permissions and click download apk button to direct download Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend apk.

Older versions of Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend apk also available with us: 24.0416.00, 24.0314.00, 24.0304.00, 24.0125.00, 24.0118.00, 24.0110.00, 23.1220.00, 23.1207.00.

Please be aware that we only share the original, pure-apk file, direct download from Google play store, it's safe and free of any virus. If there are any problems, please let us know.

App description

Bubble Pop Adventure: Dive into the Ultimate Bubble Bursting Experience!

From the creators of Bubble Pop Origin, welcome to a world of fun bubble pop games, filled with vibrant color bubbles waiting to be popped by a skilled bubble popper! Embark on a journey of colorful challenges in this captivating bubble popper experience, and feel the excitement of each perfect shot in a whimsical bubble world.

Shoot, match, and pop bubbles through enchanting stages. Feel the thrill of achieving that perfect shot, crafting powerful combos, and clearing the bubble board as the ultimate bubble popper. With every color bubble you match and every precise shot you make, the excitement never ends!

Experience the thrill of bubble-popping fun in Bubble Pop, where free bubble pop games meet endless entertainment. Join us in this colorful adventure, and become a master bubble popper, transforming every shot into a dazzling display of color bubbles and combos.

• Vibrant Levels: Tackle hundreds of bubble-bursting levels!
• Daily Event: Get rewards without losing a winning streak!
• Star Rewards: Earn stars by clearing levels to collect amazing rewards!
• Super Boosters: Unlock fantastic boosters and power-ups to navigate your way to victory.
• Team Up: Rally with friends & challenge other bubble enthusiasts!
• Weekend Fun: Clear quests over the weekend!

No time limit, no Wi-Fi needed. Enjoy endless fun, anywhere!

Need any help?
Email us at contactus@bitmango.com

App reviews

App rating: 4.6/5 based on 103596 reviews

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This was one of the best bubble pop games I'd ever played. Targeting is accurate, challenges were fun and shooting options intuitive. Ads were only between levels when I first started playing, and I even clicked on a few. However, column ads are now popping up in the middle of the game, and there's no opportunity to close them to resume playing. Totally ruined my experience so I uninstalled it.

Update: They fixed the ad problem. Still playing and up to level 406! I was really enjoying this at first. The game itself is very satisfying. But then the ads. You want to run one between every level? Fine. You want to run one every time I have to pause to do something? Annoying, but fine. But when you decide to run ads IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME that take up half the screen, vertically and in the middle, then NO. Renders the game dysfunctional and then I go away and don't watch ANY of your ads.

Perfect amount of ads. Not intrusive. Only appear between levels or every five minutes, whichever is longer. The gameplay is addictive. The ads are also quiet, so they don't break the zone. The puzzle difficulty ramps up at the right speed. (Never got bored or stuck). The gameplay is smooth. I do see skill as a major component, as well as puzzle-solving. The only downside is that sometimes I'm stuck on a level until the RNG throws me a good start. It feels like luck rather than skill.

I have only had this game for a couple hours now. I really tried to enjoy it, as it's the type of game I've enjoyed in the past. However, I'm 18 level into it, and I've had to watch a 30 minute ad between every single level. Everyone with a "no ads" popup. They last longer then it takes me to play each level. I have a half dozen apps that pay me, and they have less frequent advertisements. It's worse then 90's cable TV. I lost interest at about level 9.

Fun game, but way to many ads for other games, insurance and what not. ... and no I am not going to spend money on it! Update: got a new phone and I transferred all my apps. Well, imagine my surprise when I wanted to play, the game started me at level 1, it's very very slow, the colors are these candy colors 😝 and the shot isn't as accurate as on my old phone. Sometimes the 'updated' version isn't better. I want the old version back!!! '

I actually like this game very much, but the most recent update allows ads that cover the gaming screen, making play impossible, and you can't get rid of the ad. The game is full of ads between each level, although annoying, its expected if I play for free. The full screen ads make the game unplayable. Debating whether or not to uninstall because of this. I hope a fix comes soon.

I was addicted to this game. I didn't mind the ads that came up between rounds as I could delete them in a few seconds. However after playing every day for a couple of weeks 3 ads came up (2 from Walmart) that covered half of the screen, RIGHT WHEN I WAS PLAYING, that couldn't be deleted and stayed on the screen for 20+ seconds!!! That was it. I uninstalled it. So sad.

too many ads, just shorten the amount of them. it makes the game very annoying and you guys just want money. other than that fun game! (also to turn off ads without paying turn off your wi-fi or if on phone turn off your mobile data, but i dont know if you guys know that already.) update: game got a little bit better, and im giving it four stars instead of three. the bubbles have smoother animations now, but ads still are in every two levels which is still annoying.. but it is better, ill say.

The more levels you reach, the less it allows you to move forward. Sad. Will have to uninstall. (In response) The game isnt "hard", the game is programmed to not allow the person playing to move forward. I.E., will redirect your aim and will not allow you to pass the ads. It kicks the player all the way to the beginning of the set. Game error, Not player..

The app is suddenly freezing all the time, when trying to show an ad. Just showing 'Bubble pop', with an circle, but it will just sit there forever. The only way out is to force stop the app. Especially annoying when you're at the end of a game, close to a 'three stars complete', then opt for 3 extra, and ... you can start from scratch. Also, the 30 second ads are much, much longer than in other games. Even when I see the same ads there you can usually continue after 5, 10 or max 15 seconds.

I gave this game a 3 star as I am tired of the ads after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. The ONLY way around it that is viable is just turning airplane mode on. The other thing is that, as levels get harder, it seems to screw you over repeatedly to the point you can get stuck. I find myself restarting WAY too many times. This is not viable to hold onto people. It was noticable early in the game not too long after all of the tutorial levels were finished. I'd recommend it for the challenge but too many ads.

Pretty simple at 1st, increasingly more challenging. Fun until it: 1) Freezes up, then leaves the game & forces ads any time during games. 2) Repeatedly gives you choice of 2 balls when those colors aren't even 'on the board'. 3) Has you watch videos for coins, then doesn't give you the coins (mabe get 5 instead of 30). Loved the game at 1st but it's set up so it eventually becomes not just challenging, but impossible.

Fantastic game. I love it! What I don't like are the invasive ads that pop up in the middle of my hand. I understand the ads between games and moves but to interrupt while I've got a game piece in my possession and an ad pops up then after the ad ends the game piece goes elsewhere and ruins the entire game. Sometimes it becomes intolerable.

Was enjoying the game until level 498, and it keeps glitching. Closes itself and I'll have to restart it and begin the level all over again (It happened often with other levels but I've overlooked until this level. It's become unbeatable because of the glitches.) Many times during videos I won't touch the screen or have my hands near and it will take me to that particular ad links as if I clicked on it. Have to go in and close it out before something I don't want in my phone opens up.

I LOVED the game until it started freezing around level 220, at the end of the level, no less, to request 3 additional balls 😱. It's SO frustrating 😠, freezing after all of that good (and hard) work! I submitted an email. I'm looking forward to a fast reply. I'll follow up! One other complaint, I know that ads pay for the game, but there's just so many. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't SO LONG (like this feedback, 😁). That being said, I'll close.

Installation instructions

Instructions for installing Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend apk from your Android device, as well as other devices

Download Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend apk from this page, then follow these steps:

Update your device settings

  • Go to your device settings page
  • Tap Security or Applications (varies with device)
  • Check the Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK

Go to Downloads

  • Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or Files
  • Tap the APK file you downloaded
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

Enjoy! If there are any problems, please let us know.

App permissions

Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend 24.0502.01 apk requires following permissions on your device.

Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.

Allows applications to open network sockets.

Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

Allows applications to access information about networks.

Allows access to the vibrator.

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24.0416.00 (358)2024-04-18
24.0314.00 (352)2024-03-16
24.0304.00 (350)2024-03-07
24.0125.00 (341)2024-01-28
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