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Version: 1.0 for Android

Updated: 2023-09-16

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Apk version1.0
Apk size79.9 MB
Support AndroidAndroid 4.1+ (Jelly Bean) and later
CategoryFree Android Simulation Games
Apk packagecom.Meromsoft.SchoolGirlsSimulator
Author's NotesYou can experience school life.talk ,eat, study ,drive car and attack zombies

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We provide School Girls Simulator apk 1.0 file for Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean) and later, as well as other devices such as Windows devices, Mac, BlackBerry, Kindle, ... School Girls Simulator is a free Android simulation games, and has been developed by Meromsoft.

School Girls Simulator 1.0 is newest and latest version for School Girls Simulator apk. It's easy to download and install to your Android devices (as well as other devices). On this page you can find School Girls Simulator apk detail and permissions and click download apk button to direct download School Girls Simulator apk.

Older versions of School Girls Simulator apk also available with us: 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0.

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App description

15 million downloads worldwide!

You can experience "school life",
attend the class, buy sweets ,talk with classmates,join club,
ride bicycle and car.
Recently, a maid cafe where you can work was made.

You can confess other student(both boys and girls)
It is success to confess you can ride bike ,car with your lover.

Zombies are coming in school, so please repel to protect your friends.
You can use rifle, machine gun, shotgun,sword,knife etc
Becoming a zombie! when you are attacked by zombies
(If you dislike zombies, try no zombie new game button.)

* How to game
Drag left side of screen : move to main character
Drag right side of screen : move the point of view of the main character

Easy as operation buttons are displayed on the screen
even if you do not remember them.

Button X: kick / weapon attack
Button R: fly (flight movement)
Button L: see Information
Button A changes depending on the situation.

* VR mode
you can test the VR mode.
set the smartphone to the VR headset.
move the head and the camera will be linked.

App reviews

App rating: 4.3/5 based on 734356 reviews

(*) is required

I like the game it's really fun. But It's missing something, like more boys in the class because there is only 1 boy in every classroom it needs at least 2 or more boys in a classroom. I also want to play this with my friends I want this game to have multiplayer in this game because I feel like it's missing multiplayer, and make the house far away from the school so that you can ride the school bus or you can walk or run to school. That all I want this game developer to add

Very good game, recommend for those who want to experience high school life, but i just have some suggestions; 1. Lessen the time after the conversation, sometimes it takes 40-80 seconds to talk again with your classmate/lover 2. Add more useful structures ex: Restaurant, 3. Add more things that you can do with your lover 4. Add some citizens and things that you can do with your phone. But anyways, it's a good game and I'm satisfied with the current version of this game. Awesome :)

I love playing this game in my freetime! I would however love to see some updates and edits such as nicer models, nicer textures, more fluid dialogue (A praise response could be "Thank you so much!" for example) and a nicer more clear school. Some things are confusing or not used well, such as the schools layout or the weird area where the lockers are (Why isn't there a door? Imagine how many raccoons get in lol!) In any case, I still love this game!

We all love this game. But.....theres something wrong about this game. I think mine is laggy. But we appreciate it also. We need it so we can laze around or something, And even though its lag i can fix it by rebooting. And we love the updates the creator made. THANK YOU!!!!

You need to make it online and you need to have all the outfits unlocked or not a whole lot of people are gonna play it, then you also need some kind of story line and a list of rival girls (or guys if this game does the rainbow flag) for the player to kill, you also need ways to hide the bodies. And the last thing is that plz make more houses in which we can enter

I love this game I been playing this 1 year and I really hope that the developers update this. And add some few items in the game. I would love to if in online we can meet another player and hang out with them. But the game is interesting to play and less ads. That makes me happy :)

Actually it was a great time killer but I think it needs more updates like, instead of joining clubs you can form on, or they are somethings like you can be friends with people and matchmake them with someone or you can hang out with your lover, that you meet up in a certain place and then you just enjoy your time. And somethings like japanese resturants, festivals, be famous in school. Be a deliquent, and form your own gang. And so on etc.

Its awesome! Here are some problems and suggestions! ^^: so basically here's my first problem, you have to waste half, of your time.just to talk to someone. 1st, of all that's stupid. Now, that's also a suggestion take away us having to wait to talk to someone. Yes that's my only problem. Cause its annoying. I don't really have, much to complain.anyways, that's my only problem! Tysm if you reply to my review and fix it. That would mean a lot. <3

I love playing this game in my free time. 😊😊😊 but it should've some upgrade like more cloth ,building like clubs,Airports to go to another country,an hidden passage in the school/house shoes more hair styles like afro , long straight hair, long curly hair skin colour. I will really like it if you upgrade all this request pls.

Even though its just a yandere simulator rip off, i found it quite enjoyable, best out of all games here, although Because i have a few suggestions to add in the game 1. Me and my friend would love it if you'd Add a multiplayer option, we play the game almost everyday, and wish we could play together almost everyday. 2. Maybe add a hang out option for your friends, and a date option for your lover, the more interactions the funner the game! 3.it would be funny to see your rivals insult you.

I really liked it, but lack of buildings i want to access, and yeah I agreed the others that u should make it online. Hope u make a firework displays, a flying yorkshire terrier,additional characters and crowds like children and folks, new outfits, new conversations, dating place, manga cafe, dance/disco club...well thats all for now.

The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because it's a fun game but there are no updates. It would be cool to live with a family , other characters should be able to date , and the teacher shouldn't arrest students for kissing or walking past the locker room. The house should be further away too so I can have a reason to use the school bus. Also the girls call the teacher to arrest a boy for entering the restroom but the boys don't . The boys also change outside the locker room. Nice game anyway.

The game is fun but you should add some things •a reset button so when you buy items from shops you reset it so it doesn't permently stay there but do not make the reset button reset the things you watch for videos. •the clothes shop should have all the clothing plus the menu clothing for we can't just go to the menu and get in the game again •able to break up or ruin a relationship and able to make people get together •explore more places and live in your crushes/lover place

Awesome game.Thank you for creating such an enjoyable game although I have a few suggestions.1 when you kill a specific amount of people you start twitching or lose sanity.2 you have the option to "make out" with your lover(nothing too extreme) and 3 when a specific amount of students are killed or missing teachers and students become suspicious and would have the Sakura's patrolling the school for any guilty people and 4 the option to "break up" with your lover.Sorry if it's too much😅

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! But one problem, When I try to drag the students They stay there, Also when I try to kill the students in the basements, Sakuras hear me, also can you add more students and fix the bugs? And can you add kids in the game and elementary school? And can you add a pet store, a mission, and a military army? Also can you add parents driving the students to school? Ty!

Installation instructions

Instructions for installing School Girls Simulator apk from your Android device, as well as other devices

Download School Girls Simulator apk from this page, then follow these steps:

Update your device settings

  • Go to your device settings page
  • Tap Security or Applications (varies with device)
  • Check the Unknown Sources box
  • Confirm with OK

Go to Downloads

  • Open Downloads on your device by going to My Files or Files
  • Tap the APK file you downloaded
  • Tap Install when prompted, the APK file you downloaded will be installed on your device.

Enjoy! If there are any problems, please let us know.

App permissions

School Girls Simulator 1.0 apk requires following permissions on your device.

Allows applications to open network sockets.

Allows applications to access information about networks.

Allows an application to write to external storage.

Allows an application to read from external storage.

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