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Updated: 2019-04-03

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Apk version2.3
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Author's NotesCurious to know what is within The Book of Jasher? Be enlightened with this app!

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App description

This is one of the apochrypal Books of Jasher translated from the original Hebrew into English.

The Book of Jasher (also, Jashar), or the Book of the Upright, or the Book of the Just Man (Hebrew: סֵפֶר הַיׇּשׇׁר‬; transliteration: sēfer hayyāšār), is an unknown book mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. The translation "Book of the Just Man" is the traditional Greek and Latin translation, while the transliterated form "Jasher" is found in the King James Bible, 1611.

The book appears to be referenced from around the reign of David.

★2 Samuel 1:18 states:
To teach the Sons of Judah the use of the bow; behold it is written in the Book of the Upright (Sēper haYYāšār; Hebrew: עַל־סֵפֶר הַיׇּשׇׁר‬; literally, "upon the Book of the Upright").

David's lament for Jonathan immediately follows. The King James Version of the English Bible has the inclusion "the use of" in italics, material its translator(s) added to render the text into what they considered understandable and comfortable English. Other versions, such as the English Standard Version, David taught his Judaians The Bow, a hypothesised poetic lament of the deaths of Saul and Jonathan. If that interpretation offered in the ESV footnote is accepted, then such a Bow was a lament or a tune contained in the Book of Jashar or which that book also says was taught to the Judaians.

★The Septuagint translation renders sefer hayashar in both cases as 'Book of the Just'. It also misses the reference to the bow. It reads:
And he gave orders to teach it the sons of Iouda: behold it is written in the Book of the Just.

★Joshua 9 cites it amid its depiction of Joshua's military exploits in the land of Canaan, specifically after Adonizedek, king of Jerusalem, and his allies attacked the people of Gibeon for allying with Israel following which Joshua and the Israelites came to its aid. When "YHWH gave the Amorites over to the sons of Israel", Joshua told the sun to stand still over Gibeon and the moon to stand still over Valley of Aijalon (Joshua 9:1-2).

★Joshua 10:13 states:
And the Sun stood still, and the Moon stayed,
until the people had avenged themselves on their enemies.
Is this not written in the Book of the Upright (Sēper haYYāšār)?
The presence of this event in a book of poetry has been interpreted as a poetic description of the prolonged battle.

According to the Medieval Jewish scholar Rashi, Sefer HaYashar refers to the Pentateuch, as a fulfillment of Jacob's prophecy regarding Ephraim — “His seed will fill the nations” (Gen. 48:19) — and that this prophecy refers to Joshua's renown after the miracle of the standing of the sun.

The contents of this app covers much of the same ground as the traditional Mosaic books of the Bible, from the creation of the world to the death of Moses, albeit with several minor variations.

This is a massive read of more than 800,000 characters contained between 91 chapters.

We hope you'll enjoy the contents within this The Book of Jasher app. Please leave us a rating and feedback so that we may improve in future updates and releases.

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I'm hooked on the book. Bible is a must read but it always leaves you hanging with lots of questions and this book just explains everything for me. Thank you to your team for making this possible. The only problem is the pop up ads and its frustrating.

It's very nice learn to reading.but hard to understand.it good to.my time.


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